For The Ones Who Take Charge

For The Ones Who Take Charge

15+ years ago, we introduced the Nex Big Thing in automotive. Today, we’re introducing The Nex Big Thing in EVs.

Electrifying Speed. Safest LFP Chemistry

Battery Capacity

3 kWh

Top speed

93 km/h

Fastest Charge. Longest Range

Charging time

3.3 hrs

Certified range

~136 kms

This sprinter goes faaaaast.

Peak power

4.0 kW



The Nex Big features

Ride Ahead with Speed and Maximum Comfort

Multi-patented twin-suspension hybrid swingarm ensures optimal transmission with best-in-class confidence.

Take Charge with Maximum Brightness

Our diamond-cut headlamp ensures maximum refraction that creates highest visibility for the road ahead.

Strongest Exoskeleton for a Stronger You!

Our chassis is 4x stronger from the competition allowing for maximum rider safety, no matter the terrain.

Automagically Displays Exactly What You Need

Our 7" TFT Touchscreen cluster is packed with features like the quickest boot time, Auto Day Night mode, advanced navigation and more

Premium Design

Inspired by the global symbol of mobility, the Arctic Tern and iconic Indian legacy like the celestial dancer sculpture, Apsara.

Zanskar Aqua

zanskar ˈækwə

Inspired from India's timeless natural beauty with snowclad mountains, steep valleys.

Lunar White

ˈluːnə waɪt

Inspired by the cosmic marvels that India has created.

Steel Grey

stiːl ɡreɪ

Inspired by the Industrial reliability of the country.

Indian Red

ˈɪndiən rɛd

Inspired from the Indian spices, architecture and aesthetics.

10k k2k

A challenging ride through the heart of India. We were met with love and smiles.


5,100+ kms

Distance Planned

10,000+ kms

India Covered

The Nex big records

First electric scooter to tow a pickup truck

Biggest electric scooter brand logo drawn on the white sand

Maximum towns and cities (115) covered by an electric scooter, from K2K

First electric scooter to complete 10,000+ km in a single journey

The Nexus is Now Easier Than Ever to Take Home

Starting at

₹ 1,09,900

Fuel cost savings

₹ 48,568

Interest rate starting from


EMI starting from


Note: Please note all highlighted numbers mentioned are based on calculations conducted with a fixed set of estimated information and conditions. For any clarity on financing options, please reach out to our select dealerships.




Equivalent of Trees Planted


E-kms Driven

We're building a greener future.


Jobs created


Lives touched.

While we heal the planet, we give back to the community too!

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