Ampere and RCB: Building Sustainability in the Game of Cricket

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At Ampere, our mission has always been to accelerate EV adoption and make smart and sustainable mobility accessible to all. As a brand committed to sustainability, partnering with another beloved brand in India was a natural choice. That's why we proudly joined hands with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Together, we built sustainability in the game of cricket, creating moves that matter on and off the field.

RCB, the world's first carbon-positive cricket franchise, aligned perfectly with our values and purpose. Being associated with a team that championed sustainability and boasted star players like Virat Kohli, Faf Du Plessis, and Glen Maxwell was an opportunity that was well thought-through.

Our collaboration with RCB as their Official EV Partner resulted in a series of purpose-driven campaigns that drove sustainability in cricket. We launched the limited edition RCB-themed Primus electric scooter, with Virat Kohli as the first recipient. This scooter not only allowed fans to revel in the spirit of cricket but also served as a role model, encouraging more consumers to shift to clean mobility. Fans have the opportunity to own this limited edition scooter by pre-booking it for just ₹499.

In addition, we conceptualized and launched the Ampere Take Charge Squad, the first-of-its-kind cheer squad for RCB. What set this squad apart was their attire and instruments, all made from upcycled, recycled, or scrap materials, including parts of old petrol vehicles. The weavers behind the outfits were from villages in Karnataka, driving our purpose of conscious and inclusive growth. The cheer squad carried slogans that emphasized sustainability, such as "Stadium Hot, Planet Not!" They inspired fans to understand the importance of sustainability in cricket and beyond.

Ampere x RCB -  Take Charge Squad
The Ampere Take Charge Squad - a first-of-its-kind cheer squad


Our collaboration extended beyond the field, enriching the T20 experience for Ampere customers. With cricket-themed retail experiences, interesting on-ground activations, and more, we ensured that our customers had a memorable and sustainable engagement with the game they loved.

To celebrate the electrifying moments in each RCB home game, we presented the Ampere Electrifying Player of the Match with the limited edition RCB Primus scooter. This award recognized exceptional performances while encouraging the adoption of clean mobility. Furthermore, we ran contests that gave fans the chance to win special signed team merchandise and memorabilia, strengthening the bond between Ampere, RCB, and the cricket-crazy fans.

Our collaboration truly merged sustainability with style, resonating with the generation driven by purpose. It not only promoted sustainability in cricket but also amplified the Har Gully Electric campaign to the Har Gully Cricket theme. We evoked nostalgia about gully cricket, something we have all grown up playing. Through activations like gully cricket recreations with quirky rules built around sustainability, we merged the love for the game with our commitment to a greener future.

With initiatives such as tree planting by top sustainability influencers for every six hit by RCB, and exciting customer and dealer contests, we brought sustainability and cricket closer to the hearts of the fans.

Our ambitious vision required collective effort, and we appreciate everyone's presence and support. To the RCB team, the media, players, and business partners, we express our gratitude for being a part of this incredible journey. Together, we made sustainability a winning game in cricket. Together, we did Take Charge.

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