The Legacy of Greaves and Ampere: Trust and Rigorous Testing for Safety

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With a rich engineering legacy spanning over 160 years, Greaves has bestowed its values and expertise in innovation & customer satisfaction into Ampere. In the past 15 years, as the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has grown, we have ensured the happiness of lakhs of customers. Our unwavering commitment to safety is at the heart of our success, reflected in our rigorous testing processes and compliance with AIS 156 (Automotive Industry Standards). 


Engineering Legacy and Customer Satisfaction: 

Greaves has a longstanding reputation for engineering excellence and customer trust. Our focus on fundamentals has allowed us to continuously innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of our customers. With 15 years of experience in the EV industry, we have garnered invaluable insights and expertise to deliver superior electric mobility solutions. 

At Ampere, we utilize advanced Lithium-Ion and Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery technologies to power our EVs. These batteries offer numerous advantages, including higher energy density, longer life cycles, and improved safety features. Our commitment to portable battery solutions allows our customers greater convenience and flexibility. 


High Standard Testing Processes: 

Battery safety is important to us, and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring the highest safety and reliability standards. Our rigorous testing processes encompass a range of comprehensive tests that verify the integrity and performance of our batteries. Let's take a closer look at some of these tests: 

  1. Vibration Test: Indian roads make every vehicle dance, and our scooters are ready to win the dance battle. The Vibration Test ensures that your Ampere can withstand every bump the roads can throw. 

  2. Thermal Shock Test: We’ve all gone to the gym once. We’ve all seen the sweat it creates on our clothes. While your nervous system regulates your body temperature, our batteries automatically regulate it as they operate it. The Thermal Shock test makes sure that our scooters can withstand the heat of Rajasthan and the chill of Kashmir with ease.

  3. Cycling Test: As the name suggests, it's like a marathon; our batteries go through multiple cycles of charging and discharging to ensure that they work how they’re supposed to.

  4. Mechanical Drop Test: Our removable REESS (Rechargeable Electrical Energy Storage System) is tested against the clumsiness that none of us are proud of but unfortunately have to deal with anyways. Our batteries can take a tumble without ease.

  5. Mechanical Shock Test: Going back to the gym analogy, while your muscles may get sore, our scooters won’t break a sweat even when tested with mechanical shocks like those often associated with off-roading.  

  6. Fire Resistance: We all love Diwali, so we wanted to ensure that our scooters love it too! Our scooters also come with certified fire resistance. 

  7. External Short Circuit Protection: Our rides are electrifying in terms of the experience, not literally. Our Ampere EVs have advanced systems that act as the ultimate traffic police, preventing external short circuits and minimizing potential safety hazards.

  8. Overcharge Protection: Remember that myth that if you leave your phone on charge the entire night, it affects the battery health? We’ve got that covered too. However, we don’t recommend doing so as it may affect performance in the long run.

  9. Over-discharge Protection: Ampere EV batteries are like diligent caretakers, ensuring they never disappoint you. They incorporate measures to prevent over-discharge, maintaining their lifespan and overall safety. Like good friends, they're always there when you need them. No matter how tired it may feel, our protection mechanisms kick in, keeping the battery wide awake and ready to power your journey through the vibrant roads of India.

  10. Over-temperature Protection: India loves the summers, and our scooters love it too! With protection mechanisms built-in, our scooters will protect themselves from going over regular operating temperatures.

  11. Withstand Voltage Test: No matter the input the battery receives, the output is always a stable current to the motors. Yes, they’re almost like the guardians of the scooter. 

Safety is ingrained in everything we do at Ampere. Therefore, we prioritize compliance with AIS 156, which includes all mentioned safety protocols. Our dedication to these safety standards guarantees the utmost protection for our customers and their vehicles. 


From Streets to States: Fulfilling Our Mission to Make 'Har Gully Electric' 

Our mission is to make electric mobility accessible to all. We believe that safety should be at the forefront of this transition. Our rigorous testing procedures, compliance with standards, and unwavering dedication to battery safety are the cornerstones of our commitment to Har Gully Electric, ensuring a safe and reliable electric mobility experience for all. 

With a legacy built on trust and engineering excellence, Greaves Electric Mobility and Ampere have set new benchmarks in the EV industry. Our rigorous testing processes, adherence to AIS 156, and dedication to customer satisfaction ensure that safety remains at the core of everything we do. 

From Lithium-Ion and LFP battery technologies to our commitment to portable solutions, we strive to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and safety to our valued customers. 

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